Eurythmy West Midlands performance

Come and experience the magic of music and poetry brought to life through the art of eurythmy at our enchanting evening performance! Join us at Joan of Arc Hall for a mesmerizing display of movement and storytelling.
The afternoon performance, starting at 5pm, is a new performance from Eurythmy West Midlands working with the charming classic fairy tale “The Gifts of the North Wind”.
The evening performance, starting at 7:30pm, is a repeat of a very popular perfomance examining the current enviromental challenges facing us in the world. Through poetry, music, and of course the beauty of Eurythmy we will see our plight brought to life.
The afternoon event will be ticketed at £10 for adults, with children getting in for free.
As the evening performance has been shown before, it will be free, however donations are greatly appreciated to help support these wonderful performers!
Buy your tickets online:
Tickets are also available on the door (cash only).