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Healing through Community

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This project

The founding vision for the Camphill communities was as ‘Islands of Health’, radiating out into the wider world. This project aims to bring healing to the community by allowing it to reconnect with the land in meaningful work. In conjunction with our existing health shop and community garden (situated in the heart of the local community of Danby / Castleton), we expect the new project to be the focal point of our growing interface with the surrounding villages.


Fundraising Goal

To purchase property that meets the above requirements, our target is £1 million.
As an indication of our own commitment, the co-workers have already pooled over £100,000 from the transitional support they each personally received from their former employer.

New Community House 

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We are currently finalising the purchase of a six bedroom house in Ainthorpe. It will be run in conjunction with an adjacent property, forming a small neighbourhood, which we hope will eventually be home to up to three adults with a learning disability, co-workers and members of their family , and a volunteer.

We have already made ourselves integral to the local communities of Danby and Castleton since taking over Danby Health Shop. The new community house will allow us to build on these connections. As such, we hope it will be an interface point between Esk Valley Camphill Community, the wider community and the wider world.


The vision is to create a model close to that of Community Supported Agriculture which consists of a partnership between growers and consumers where the risks and awareness are equally shared. People from the locality will be invited join it as well as those who live further afield and who all believe in the idea behind it. We see tremendous value in having an open space for Camphill Co-workers, learning disabled adults, volunteers from the locality as well as from further away and abroad. We strongly believe in Biodynamics as a way to live with the Land. We are looking to develop associative partnerships with the Seed Cooperative, (a new independent BD project), and the Health Shop in Danby.

– to create awareness about the connections between humans and food and the way in which we can grow healthy crops
– to produce food biodynamically
– to provide the EVCC houses with our produce
– to supply the Danby Health shop with vegetables and eggs 
– to offer meaningful work for volunteers and the learning disabled 
– to offer a variety of different jobs in order to meet the complex needs of some of our residents
– to create a community hub where people work together guided also by passions for food, plants,  animals
– to create an educational hub through the work of the land and a closer connection with nature
– to provide biodynamic training