The Danby Health Shop

As the village shop in Danby, we find ourselves at the heart of the community, selling organic food, health supplements, eco-friendly household and beauty products. The shop could not run without the dedicated work of volunteers of all abilities. During the pandemic, their considerable work of bagging down large quantities of bulk items has allowed us to continue offering organic produce to our customers. The shop is example of how everyone can shine in a work environment, when the focus is on contribution rather than limitation.

Visit the Danby Health shop at
1 Briar Hill,
Danby, North Yorkshire, YO21 2LZ
phone number
+44 1287 669200

Opening times
Monday            CLOSED
Tuesday           9am – 5pm
Wednesday    9am – 12noon
Thursday         9am – 5pm
Friday               9am – 5pm
Saturday         10am – 3pm
Sunday             CLOSED