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Who Are We?

We are a group of about eighty adults, many of whom have a learning disability, who have launched a new Camphill venture in The North York Moors. We are all residents or former residents of Botton Village Camphill Community – both Co-workers and learning disabled residents. There are also several children living as part of the families and households in the community.

The community is centred around eleven large and eight small houses across three villages (Ainthorpe, Castleton and Botton), a health shop in Danby that is owned and run by community members, a community garden and a Steiner School.

A number of households in the community have additionally joined the Shared Lives scheme in partnership with The Avalon Group, which is responsible for the registered care provided to our learning disabled residents.

The Shared Lives framework allows us to pursue the principles by which we have lived, worked and built community together. As members of the community, we live together, we work together and we grow together.

We Live Together

We share our homes and our lives. The elderly person, the busy working adult and the small child each has their own place within the community, and we are all enriched by our daily interactions.

There are typically around six to ten people living in each household. The household is comprised of two to three people who have a learning disability, one or two Co-workers (with their family or children) and a volunteer carer. The majority of Co-workers in the community are registered Shared Lives carers. Everyone is a part of and makes a contribution to the running of the house community and to making it a happy home, and a therapeutic and healing space.

We Work Together

Everyone in the community has a contribution to make. The work is meaningful and necessary for sustaining the community. This means we each rely on one another, no matter what our ‘ability’. Some of our work is centred around the households themselves and what it takes to run them, such as cooking healthy meals, cleaning and creating a beautiful home. We also own and run a local Health Shop in Danby, with several community members helping both in the shop and with shop-related projects. We have a community garden in Danby, as well as individual home gardens in Botton, where we grow some of the food that feeds the community. The Steiner school is attended by both children in the community and from the surrounding areas, and some of our community members are teachers in the school.

We Grow Together

As a Community we strive to work using the Anthroposophical ideals laid down by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. These ideals were the inspiration for the German Jewish refugee, Karl König, who was the founder of the Camphill movement. We try to see the humanity in each person and uphold their better nature. We understand that we all suffer from prejudice and disability in our own way, but with each other’s help we can rise above this. We look outside ourselves, finding inspiration in nature and in the cultural and spiritual life that we weave together.

Celebrating the festivals of the Christian calendar, as well as birthdays and other life events together, is an important aspect of community living. We take time and care to prepare these events, including all community members in the planning. It is at these exciting times of the year that we can also appreciate the result of our collective endeavour.


If you are interested in volunteering with the Esk Valley Camphill Community for 3 months or more, please contact us. If we see the possibility to offer you a place, we will send you further information and ask you to provide a few documents such as a criminal record check and two references.

If you have any questions or would like to find out about volunteer vacancies, please contact:

Klara Brzobohata

Tel: +44 1287 213205


Esk Valley Camphill Community
Rodger’s House
YO21 2NJ