No-one works alone

Every householder knows the work it takes to keep a home beautiful – work that is often done alone and goes unacknowledged. We see housework as a sphere of work in its own right – one where new skills can be developed and a sense of responsibility can grow.

The midday meal is an important feature of daily life and the preparation of it a major task for a household team. There is huge satisfaction in preparing food for a hungry horde, particularly food that has been grown in the community, and even greater satisfaction in seeing the meal being enjoyed.

There’s the laundry, the cleaning, the re-cycling and those little extras that can be so easily forgotten, but make all the difference: flowers for the sideboard, fresh candles for the table, the Advent wreath, the Easter eggs.

Perhaps most importantly, no-one works alone. There’s always a second pair of hands to call on, someone to chat to at tea-break and someone to give encouragement and show appreciation.