The Craft Room

With a lot of joy and enthusiasm, a number of our community members make crafts in a workshop called The Craft Room. Our production varies every day, giving customers a choice of beautiful, practical handmade craft items to enjoy.

Our products are hand-made from organic and local materials, are eco-friendly, and require a range of skills, like knitting, felting and sewing. Besides our community workforce, we have a few friends who volunteer their time and skills – this gives us an important and valued connection to our locality.

Craft making is appreciated by all of us: those who have been making things for years are still enjoying the process and take joy in completing beautiful things that will make others happy; younger, newer community members who are still learning skills; young volunteers realising that they can make many things rather than buying them; and last but not least, our customers, to whom we are sending a message of our commitment to work, to Camphill and to the world by producing nice, handmade, good quality craft.