Electric vehicle appeal – help our community go green!


By contributing towards the cost of a second hand electric vehicle, you will be helping us to stay connected while reducing our impact on the planet.



Our community is committed to removing the carbon emissions from our transport needs by 2028. This means more walking and cycling for those of us that can, and more electric bikes and scooters for those who need a bit of help up the hills.

Our rural location means that to stay connected with the wider world, we rely on shared cars which are the main cause of our carbon emissions. As they age, we need to replace our cars with electric vehicles to achieve our target of zero carbon transport.

At the moment, our greatest need is for an electric vehicle which will allow households to go on outings together and will also reduce the amount of trips to and from our places of work. A second hand electric vehicle costs £27,000 which is a big investment for our community to make, so we’re asking our friends and supporters to help us with the cost.

Please consider donating whatever you can to help us reach our target. 

Thank you very much!

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