Michaelmas Day by Gabrielle Werth

Well we had our first part of Michaelmas doing special groups, I did the Creative Writing with Lydia, and it was a lovely sunny day, but it was slightly windy, we got a chance to go out, but first Me, Thomas Shacklady, and Jannik, we talked about the “Five Senses” and first of all in the group, we took a big piece of paper, and we drew around your hand. And on each Finger then Thumb, we put “I Taste, I Smell, I Touch, I Hear, I See, and that was the first exercise.

Then we went outside High farm, and we collected some beautiful coloured leaves, and we found some Lucifer flower, still flourishing, and we picked up Bracken, and straw, and then we made a poem out of them, it was fun filled, and we found feathers and we did a Haiku it is a small poem, which is like a small dance, it has three sentences.

And Later on we went to the Joan of Arc Hall, and it was all very good, we sat at tables that were set up around the hall, and it was really nice to celebrate Michaelmas all together, with ESKVALLEY COMMUNITY, and we did sit together with Dalehead and we ate delicious soup, and we had the bakery buns too. And we all had “Fresh Pressed Apple Juice” all this food we ate was made in the Cooking Group, and the Fresh Pressed Apple Juice Making was a group, there was the big Dragon in the centre of the hall, that was done by a group.

And we had a small part of the EVCC Occasional Ceilidh Band play on the stage, and it was Jonathan on Drums, Jannik playing the Clarinet, Lena playing the Fiddle, Neele played the Trombone, and Hans played his guitar, and then we clapped to the rhythm.

Later on we had the Choir, it sang “Unconquered Hero of the Skies” and some of us stepped up to be Knights, to do a bit of Eurythmy, and it was so, that we did the “Waterfall in the Eurythmy” some people dropped their rods, but it was part of the fun.

Then everybody enjoyed it, later on we heard about the Groups, and they were forging Iron with Ernst, painting pictures with Steffi, waxing the leaves, a beach tidy up, fresh apple pressing, creative Writing, with Lydia, cooking etc with Sara, making cobwebs with conkers, etc. It was a hive of activity, and I would like to thank the Band Musicians on behalf of the Music.

Thank you Lydia for having the four of us in our Group – Creative Writing and it was lovely to say hello to Gaynor and Alan – long time no see, well it was good to be altogether as a community, since Covid 19 struck.

Well I will sign off now.

An Article for Michaelmas 2021

By Gabrielle Werth