Northern Region 100 Years of Biodynamics Celebration

This year marks 100 years since the birth of Biodynamics. The Agriculture
Course was given by Steiner during the Whitsun time in 1924. We would like to
celebrate this event together with everyone interested from our region and further afield.
This celebration will be made up of four events: we will start together as a group in Botton, have some spraying dates through June and July and finish with another group gathering at Clervaux where we will be sharing the Harmonizing Preparation for everyone to take home. The celebration has a threefold aspect to it as we could imagine the first day as having an emphasis on celebrating the past, the sprayings on celebrating the present and the last day as looking into and celebrating the future.

On Saturday 11th of May in Botton Village we will celebrate and remember all the biodynamic work that has happened in Botton and share experiences. We will also celebrate the 500 preparation, and have lunch together. Please find more information and sign up for this day on the CSLC resource website.

From this event we have two moments of spraying (500, 501) in our own areas, when we would aim to spray at the same time, holding each other in mind while doing it.
500 on Thursday, June 13th at 3pm
501 on Thursday, July 25th at 6am

Saturday 5th October at Clervaux (TBC) we will come together for a day to close the celebration. On the day, we will have a walk around Clervaux, speak about the harmonizing preparation and look into the future.

We very much hope that we can, in the spirit of reflecting and celebration, give thanks to all those who have done so much for Biodynamics as well as to give all of us inspiration (to continue) to take Biodynamics into the future.

If you have any questions, please email: