Art Exhibition

In June, a group of EVCC artists exhibited their paintings in a small community gallery in a Middlesbrough shopping centre. It’s a modest place and yet the two people who run it, Adrian and Miranda, have worked miracles with it.

It’s such an inviting space where artists not only exhibit their work but are also born. Many of the people who attend Adrian and Miranda’s art classes have never before picked up a paintbrush or pencil with the intent of producing an image and yet that is what they do and they do it well. With classes aimed mostly at those who are struggling with life, Art, as it is for all of us in Camphill, has become a therapeutic as well as expressive experience.

So how did this exhibition come about? Well, Rupert Unwin came home with a beautiful painting of some autumn apples that was so good it had to be framed and hung where we could see it every day. The more often I looked at that painting in our dining room, the more I thought we have to let the world see the fantastic work that is produced by our community. I shared my idea with Pauline, our very talented painting teacher, and the rest is history!

As 22 of us Camphillers in total walked into the small gallery, it immediately came to life. It seems we take our humour, warmth and camaraderie with us wherever we go.

Our paintings adorned one wall, filling it with vibrant colour, depicting not only the seasons and festivals of the year but also representing different times of day.

16 artists were represented in an exhibition of paintings outside of Danby Dale, that is a first not only for EVCC, but as far as we are aware, the entire history of Botton. It is a pleasure to see such stunning paintings framed and hung in a proper gallery space where they belong.

We hope this will be the first of many such exhibitions so Fiona, Tracey, Julie, Caroline, Michael, Kieran, Sarah, John D, Midgely, Jean, Thomas, Pauline L, Jack, Juliet, Laura and Rupert who started it all … Thank you so much for allowing us to exhibit your amazing work and keep painting!

Ps. Miranda said it was the best opening event they had ever had. 😊