Vacancy: Long-term House Coordinator

We are looking to recruit somebody to join our Camphill community and help run a Shared-Lives household. The vacancy is for Rodger’s house, an existing Shared-Lives household, where there is already one leading house coordinator. House coordinators share their homes with three community members with learning disabilities and support them to live fulfilling lives. They are responsible for the wellbeing of these community members, which can include personal care, financial support, emotional support, and day to day background support.

The work involved in coordinating a community household is very varied. There is responsibility for the day to day running of the house. Examples of the homemaking skills required include ensuring the house is a warm and welcoming environment, it is kept clean and tidy and there are home cooked, healthy meals on the table at mealtimes.

Apart from the house, we also anticipate that you contribute to the running of the wider community. We have several social enterprises where community members of all abilities work together, these include a large vegetable garden, a bakery, a health food shop, and several craft workshops. We are a non-hierarchical organization and organize the running of the community through our working groups, which in time it is anticipated you will join. We follow the calendar of the Christian festivals and have a rich cultural life to which we all contribute.

We are looking for somebody to join us for at least a year. Those interested in joining do not need any previous experience of, or education in, social care or learning disabilities, although enthusiasm to work and live alongside people with different abilities is essential. You will attend a Foundation Course which explores Community life and the teachings of Anthroposophy. You will also receive all necessary social care training by our care provider.

We operate an income sharing fund based on the principles laid out by Rudolf Steiner which all co-workers are expected to join when they come to the community. Your financial needs will be met by this fund, in accordance with a budget agreed by your neighbours.

If you are interested please send an email to:
phone: +441287213205 and ask for Rebecca.