Eurythmist vacancy

We are looking for a eurythmist for our community. This must be someone who not only wants to practice and develop their profession but is wanting to live in and be an active member of a Camphill community. In its previous existence as the Botton Village Camphill Community, our community was host to the Camphill Eurythmy School from 1978 to 2014, so we have a deep appreciation for eurythmy. In more recent times, as EVCC has emerged from hard trials, including the Covid pandemic and its social restrictions, we have gained a renewed appreciation for eurythmy as a health-bringing part of our community existence.

Currently, eurythmy is provided by Jonathan Reid, an EVCC co-worker and former tutor in the Camphill Eurythmy School. As he approaches retirement, he is looking to hand over this role to a younger colleague after a period of working alongside them.

Eurythmy, the post would involve:

1. Providing weekly eurythmy classes for community members, either in household or workshop groups. This could be between 4 – 7 groups.

2. Providing a weekly eurythmy class for members of Foundation Course. These are young, short-stay volunteers.

3. In addition to, or combined with the above, a weekly eurythmy class or classes for EVCC co-workers.

4. Providing performance and group eurythmy as part of the Festival celebrations.

5. As our community is getting increasingly involved in the locality, there would be potential for developing classes and performance work as part of our community outreach.

6. Providing eurythmy lessons in the Moorland Waldorf School. Currently, this is only three small groups from kindergarten to class four, but the school hopes to expand.

7. If you are a qualified eurythmy therapist, there is huge potential for therapeutic work, though we have no extant connection with an anthroposophical doctor.

Community Life
Besides applying for this post, you will also be applying to become a Camphill co-worker. This means that, besides practicing your profession, you are willing to engage with the other aspects of community life, notably the life of the households, the cultural and festival life, and offer what you can to the administrative and organisational side of community life. This will also mean, after six months, committing to the principle of Rudolf Steiner’s Fundamental Social Law, as expressed through our Community Fund. This means that co-workers gift to the community all their work-generated income and receive what they require from the Community Fund, to an agreed annual budget. (This process will be explained in more depth and detail during the application process).

Shared Lives
The vast majority of our community households are Shared Lives households whose members are registered as Shared Lives customers, carers or support carers with the Avalon Group, with whom the community works in close partnership. It may be to your benefit and that of the community, particularly if you live in one of these households, that you register with Avalon as a Support Carer. This way you will be legally able to provide aspects of care and support within your household and the community at large. Options for living in private accommodation within the community are few and not best conducive to community living, but these can be explored.

Teaching and performance facilities
We are beholden to our neighbours, the Camphill Village Trust, for use of their theatre space and of another hall within Botton Village, but these are available. The Moorland Waldorf school also has a large hall. There are some eurythmy costumes available, also a stock of eurythmy shoes, copper rods and wooden balls.

If you are intersted, please send an email to: