Wood Workshop

​The wood workshop is a flourishing workplace, operating near full time. We have a large team who produce a variety of wooden products, ranging from spoons to chopping boards, bowls to even lamps. Our focus is that the individual’s artistic vision of the product is what leads to creation of the product, not a pre-existing design. Primarily, we work with London Plane wood, oak and beech. These we source from the local area, with the hope that one day all wood we use will be sourced and processed from the forestry within Esk Valley. We are currently working towards selling stock in the Danby Health Shop, and further afield. However most of our stock is sold at local fairs and craft shows. Working within the EVCC woodwork shop is a real human process, whereby social and work needs are met. Everyone has a place.

  For more information and orders, please get in touch via woodworkevcc@gmail.com