The Bakers Return

The EVCC bakers are excited to share the news that work has begun to reopen the Botton Bakery.

It’s a huge space, built when there were many more mouths to feed and overlooked by a beautiful mural showing the journey of wheat in the field to bread on the table. Two large wooden tables stand in the middle of the bakery and tell the story of decades of bread making in their lovingly oiled surfaces. A large (as yet not working) oven promises enormous capacity. The new venture will go under the name The Camphill Bakehouse and will serve our community as well as the Camphill Village Trust’s households, shop and café and the wider public.

After two years lying dormant, there’s a lot of work to be done to bring the building back online. Thomas is one of the team members making the move to Botton. “I love to be in the Camphill Bakehouse. At the moment we’re cleaning the floors and all the equipment and hopefully we will put bread in the oven soon. I’m feeling energetic and looking forward to it. Back to work boys!”

Ruairidh previously worked for many years in the bakery in Botton. “Coming back after some years feels like coming home to a warm open space. It feels like we have a bright future here”

The team is sad to say goodbye to Zoe and Alice at the Dispensary in Whitby where we have baked for the last 4 years, but we won’t miss the early morning drive across the moors and we’re looking forward to share our organic wares with the local community.