Scenes from Shakespeare’s King Lear

Eurythmy India proudly present a unique chance to experience the combined arts of eurythmy and theatre in this production of scenes from King Lear. This talented ensemble offers a unique interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, set in 16th century India. Themes of familial inheritance and power, forgiveness and karmic retribution are explored here using both the dynamic movement of eurythmy and drama.

The Eurythmy India group brings full expression to the power, poetry, and colour of Shakespeare’s original language, to unfold the opening of karma and the clash of characters embodied in the play. Combining arts allow the unconscious origins of familial conflict to be revealed as hidden dynamics found deep in Nature herself, the elemental drives and instincts to which we are all subject. The play poses not just an opposition but a deep divide between the brute force of instinct and the search for the ‘I’ – the question at the root of Lear’s agonising search for redemption, and forgiveness: ‘Who is it that can tell me who I am?

A diverse cast of actor/eurythmists and musicians from Nepal, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Taiwan bring depth and texture to this performance, which is suitable for ages 12 and upwards. Sitar, Tabla and piano pieces by György Sándor Ligeti and Sergei Rachmaninoff provide a scintillating musical setting throughout.

Following a European tour in Switzerland, Germany, and the UK, the production will tour in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad, India from Autumn 2024. For further tour info email or follow our Eurythmy India Facebook page upcoming new website

The performance lasts 90 mins with no interval. Suitable for ages 12 and upwards.

When: July 2nd, 7:30pm
Location: Joan of Arc Hall, Botton Village, YO21 2NJ
Event fee: £12, under 18 free
Cash at the door only

Audience review from Shoorna Arts, Bangalore: ‘’First and foremost, the actors who were dynamic in their stage presence, carried dialogue delivery, acting, movement, gestures & facial expressions so naturally. Dedication & sincere team work is very visible.The mood of the play was created by the accompanying sound and light show. The musicians were awesome… The choreography was scintillating and matched the music. The scenes connected to the elements of nature, sun & wind, fire & air, thunder & lightning all took the play from the physical realm into the spiritual and the effect of the macrocosmic world on the macrocosmic man. It was as if Man (King Lear) stops to listen to the spirit of Nature when in deep pain. Overall an enjoyable evening and a refreshing vitality in our inner spirit, something to learn from the amazing team spirit & coordination. Kudos to the work of Eurythmy India. May your tribe increase.’

Eurythmy India is a part-time five year training programme, composed of five 10-day blocks a year, with further practice and online sessions between modules. The only such school in India, it is led by highly experienced teachers of Eurythmy, Speech and Drama and the Steiner Waldorf school curriculum. Conducted in English and currently attended by students from India, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore and Iran, this training is certified by the Goetheanum Section for Performing arts in Dornach, Switzerland, and by Witten-Annen University, Germany.

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