Fundraising Appeals

Electric vehicle appeal – help our community go green!


By contributing towards the cost of a second hand electric vehicle, you will be helping us to stay connected while reducing our impact on the planet.

Healing through Community

The founding vision for the Camphill communities was as ‘Islands of Health’, radiating out into the wider world. This project aims to bring healing to the community by allowing it to reconnect with the land in meaningful work. In conjunction with our existing health shop and community garden (situated in the heart of the local community of Danby / Castleton), we expect the new project to be the focal point of our growing interface with the surrounding villages.


New Community House

The purchase of a six bedroom house, Homefield, in Ainthorpe is now completed. This was made possible with the help of donations, loans from co-worker and a large loan from our bank.

It  runs in conjunction with an adjacent rented  property, forming a small neighbourhood. It has become the home of three adults with a learning disability, co-workers and members of their family.

We have already made ourselves integral to the local communities of Danby and Castleton since taking over Danby Health Shop. This new community house has allowed us to build on these connections. It is starting to become an interface point between Esk Valley Camphill Community, the wider community and the wider world.

Please help us to repay the Bank Loan