Breaking Bread


We are reaching out into the local community with the launch of the “Breaking Bread” artisan bakery in Whitby.  The bakery is a joint initiative between EVCC and the Futurehealth Store on Skinner Street, which is run by the Common Cause Community Interest Company.  Some £14,000 was raised – thanks to 2 major donors and crowd funding – to purchase equipment and make the necessary alterations in the shop with major donors qualifying to receive a free weekly loaf.  Initially the bakery will bake about 60 loaves twice a week with the bread going both to the community and being sold at the Futurehealth Store and Danby Health Shop.  It will be mainly sourdough bread such as rye bread with chopped pumpkin seeds as well as Czech-style sourdough with caraway seeds.  There will be a team of three bakers with Co-workers from EVCC working alongside some of the community’s adults learning disabilities.   Senior baker Lukas Brzobohaty said: “The name reflects our strong commitment to sharing and community as well as our Christian and spiritual roots.   We plan to increase production as word spreads and hope the space will be used for other activities such as cooking and baking classes and community meals. It will also allow EVCC to extend its social networks and share skills whilst also promoting a healthy bread culture.” James Fearnley from the Common Cause Community Interest Company said: “We were very keen to add locally baked organic bread to the range of products at Futurehealth and the time is right to bring this project to life.  We are committed supporters of the Esk Valley Community and the way that people with learning disabilities live, work and socialise alongside Co-workers and their families and we look forward to a successful partnership.”