Bakery News September 2019

Our Breaking Bread bakery is expanding.

Between orders from our community houses and sales through our partners at the Future Health Store in Whitby, we can’t bake enough!

So we’ve increased bread production to three days a week and have exciting plans to expand our bakery into a second room and to double our oven space. To do this work we will need to ask for support from our friends, so please look out for ways in which you can help us grow.

The Breaking Bread team is very happy to welcome its newest baker to help us manage increased production. James has lots of experience in bakeries and has worked with our head baker Lukas in the past.

“I’m very happy working in the bakery with Lukas and Eddie. Soon we’re going to have two other volunteers to help us as well. On my first day I’ve been doing the washing up, greasing the tins and weighing out the dough. It feels relaxing and happy to be back in a bakery”