As you will realise, the current pandemic means that many of our community activities are on hold. However, we are still keen to reach our Fundraising targets and maintain that momentum for the purchase of an electric car so that we can hit the ground running as life begins to normalise. Keeping these goals and aspirations alive in these worrying times is a huge morale-booster for our community members.




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Due to our location (Rural North Yorkshire) it is essential to have means of transport and something that we are very much in need of is a new vehicle. A big initiative in our community is to go Green, to reduce our impact on the environment through recycling, reduction and hopefully the extinction of single use plastic, growing and harvesting our own food through our Community Garden and to stamp out all carbon emission from our transport needs by 2028. In our community we operate a car share system comprising of 15 vehicle for all our transport needs, at present only two vehicles of which run solely on electric power (one scooter and one car). We would very much like to replace a petrol fuelled vehicle with an electric vehicle.